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Fencing installation sussex, garden buildings, gates, pergolas, decking
Fencing installation sussex, garden buildings, gates, pergolas, decking
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Fencing installation sussex, garden buildings, gates, pergolas, decking
We offer a full installation service from Fencing and Gates to Garden Buildings, Pergolas, Trellis, Arches and Decking.

We always offer the next available appointment but at certain times of the year this may be several weeks ahead with agreed works being carried out several weeks later, however this shouldn’t be seen as a negative, we are buy for a reason! We will agree a time with you for your free estimate visit, we will discuss your options and find the best solution for your space. Our estimate visits are usually carried out on Saturdays, you will be offered a 2 hour time slot, unfortunately we can't offer an exact time as we have a lot of visits to make. You will receive a fully detailed written estimate in the week following our visit via our digital quoting system or by post if you prefer. Once you accept your estimate we will provide you with an installation date and how long we expect to be with you. Depending on the materials involved we may ask for a deposit, you will receive an invoice on completion and payment is expected within 7 days, we can only accept cheques up to £500, our preferred payment method is Bank transfer or you can pay by debit card.

Fencing is a skilled trade and not general building or landscaping, a good fencer will have many years experience and good knowledge of the different materials, styles, installation techniques and general planning advice.

Remember the old saying "Jack of all trades, master of none"?

A good place to start is word of mouth, ask friends and family if they have someone they would recommend or not recommend! Fencing companies who are proud to show off their installations will place an advertising board or tag on their fence, so it's worth taking a look around your neighbourhood to see if there is anything you like.

Most companies provide a free estimate, it is worth getting around three estimates to compare. Noting that an estimate visit is essential, it is important for the contractor to see your and the neighbouring ground conditions and levels, the existing fence and access.

It's great if you know what you want but a good contractor should offer you other options and discuss in detail your requirements. Sometimes what you have in mind isn't possible for various reasons but a good compromise can always be found.

The best estimate isn't always the cheapest, you get what you pay for! An estimate should detail the job from start to finish, from removing the old fence and disposing of it, the length of the new fence and how many bays or panels will be used and the size of them including gravel boards and fixings, what will the overall height be and if the ground levels vary how will this be dealt with. What size are the posts and how far will they be in the ground, this is really important, for example it is recommended that for a 6' tall fence the post should be dug in concrete at least 2' 6"/ 30" in to the ground. They should advise you if they need to fix to a neighbouring fence or property so you can obtain consent. If you receive an estimate without these details it is worth asking for it to be more detailed. It is impossible to compare estimates if they are not equally detailed, without details you have no guarantee of what to expect. Also check if they have a waste carriers licence and the relevant insurance to be carrying out works on your property.

A good contractor is usually booked up at least a few weeks in advance, there will be the odd occasion that they may have a cancellation or an odd day free but it isn't unusual to wait. After all if they are good at what they do, they are in demand!

Also take a look at their website or social media, see their other jobs and check out their reviews. Finally, did you like them and are you confident in their knowledge, you should be happy to invite this person on to your property and feel comfortable in their company.